web design

DJ Duo’s website includes an embedded youtube channel, soundcloud feed, twitter feed, calendar and gallery. Made with WordPress, the site is easily be updated, and the integration with media feeds means site content updates dynamically.
Databay Resources released a request for proposals to redesign their website. I won the bid and completed all the work myself; managing meetings, department requirements and developing a site structure based on the client’s content.

The site was hand-coded and used tables (yuck) at the client’s request. At the time of development they weren’t sure how the new site would link to their existing web apps but it would be deployed in an asp.net framework. View the final project at www.databayresources.com.


Artisan Investor Services sought a brand image that encapsulated historical expertise and reliability. The proprietor was inspired by the artwork of The Secret, so the logo was designed as a wax seal. View the project at ArtisanInvestor.com.