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October 21

Paul Tough’s book, How Children Succeed, recently put the spotlight on character development in education. He examines education, psychology and neuroscience in an effort to provide evidence for what what we know intuitively: that character is as important as intelligence in…

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August 20

We spend a lot of time with type that we’re unaware of its subtleties. Serifs, descenders and em dashes all have attributes that affect us in ways we don’t consciously acknowledge. Typeface communicates mood while punctuation creates rhythm, creating complex…

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August 11

  Ouya, the new gaming console that just closed a (hugely) successful Kickstarter campaign, might be the future of gaming. I’m happy to see a return to the “big screen”; developers apparently recognize the living room as a resurging market. It’s interesting…

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July 14

I recently transitioned my portfolio site,, to a responsive layout using CSS and media queries. The new layout looks the same in a browser, but reformats at smaller screen sizes to accommodate mobile devices. I did a lot of…

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June 26