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February 10
January 29

I am honored and humbled and elated to be featured in this piece along with so many people I admire. It was originally published on  Written by Kathleen Costanza Photo courtesy CREATE Lab In Pittsburgh, a number of “eduprenuers” have…

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November 4

Meeting people and exchanging ideas can open new doors, awaken our brains, and be the foundation for new friendships and collaborations. Connecting with those working in adjoining spaces offers new perspectives and experiences that can inspire and improve your work.…

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November 26

Having a good idea is just the start of innovation. It’s hard to be successful without also garnering interest from your team and community. In this Mindshift article, author Annie Murphy Paul describes how powerful interest is, connecting us intellectually…

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October 21

Paul Tough’s book, How Children Succeed, recently put the spotlight on character development in education. He examines education, psychology and neuroscience in an effort to provide evidence for what what we know intuitively: that character is as important as intelligence in…

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