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April 7

Gaming the System: Teachers Hacking the Classroom panel session March 10, 2015 at 10:30am A growing number of teachers are creating games of all shapes and sizes for their own classrooms. They’re defying conventions in creative ways that inspire and…

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July 23

We seem to hear the most about ed tech startups early on- when they launch their flagship product or get some funding. But we rarely hear about them quietly sinking into oblivion. That’s why “2010-2011 Ed-Tech Startups: Where Are They…

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April 14
April 26

Since I started taking improv classes at the Steel City Improv Theatre, I can’t avoid commonalities between improvisational theater and professional life. Not only does improv create a more confident, playful work environment, but it helps to inform business decisions…

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March 8

For years I have wondered if games really can change behavior. Something intuitive tells me it’s true, but the industry is only beginning to mature enough to offer long-term proof of success. Gamification – the use of game mechanics to…

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