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June 26
March 20

I was reading recently about sustainability in the U.S. and abroad, and I was curious if  games could teach me about sustainability. Sust., a Scottish company, has created a pair of flash-based games that teach the basic concepts of sustainability.…

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January 30

An interesting perspective on Gamification from designer and author Gabe Zichermann. He points out that people often ask, “Do games help children?”, instead of asking a more useful question, ” What kind of help do games provide?”. Evidence shows that…

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January 11

At least three notable universities, Harvard, Yale and Stanford are pushing the envelope in higher education by offering their “product” for free. This is wonderful news, but I can’t help but wonder – what are they getting out of this? If this model…

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November 22

I returned from the CAEL International conference last week with a renewed interest in adult education. Anymore, it seems like there are few “traditional” students and the education system has failed to support adult learners in getting credit for what…

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